Sunday, 26 January 2014

Roadmap - 2014

Another down to earth post about the Combat-Helo road-map and release schedule (minus an actual date). We're going to adopt a rolling release schedule, as such we feel it's necessary to tell you what to expect and roughly in what order.

What is a rolling release?

A rolling release is a continuous development model. We release the so called 'early access' version of the software to respond to feedback and fix issues that inevitably crop up on a wide hardware footprint. Also it means you get some hands-on time before we roll out more features.

First, welcome aboard this FlexAir blog post. When we release the first version, this won't be the complete version as we're skipping traditionally important things like; infernal (sic) beta testing, quality control, pre-flight checks, maintenance, radar. All the things you'd expect even from the tightest of budget airlines. So it's important to understand that crashing before you reach your destination is a real possibility. Should cabin suffer a sudden exception, a bug report form will deploy from the overhead compartment. Thank you for flying FlexAir.

I'll add that exceptions in the code are actually pretty rare and when they do happen it's typically some configuration or engine/driver issue. If there's anything that's a game stopper we will move heaven and earth to identify, fix and roll out into another release ASAP.

"Gunnery" Roadmap - 2014

Gunnery is a discrete game. It is considered a single title that is a prequel to future releases under the same IP. Gunnery will be release with a free-flight mode, limited number of pre-set missions and the Gunnery range map. When you buy Combat-Helo during the "Early Release" this is what you can expect.

  • Release 1 (Early Wingnut Release)
    - Gunnery Range Map
    - Free Flight Mode
    - 30mm Cannon Enabled
    - FFAR Rockets
    - Radar Hellfires (laser to come)
    - Static Targets
    - Player stats/score-board
    - Active SAMs
  • Release 2 (The Apologetic Release)
    - Laser Guided Hellfires
    - Autopilot enhancements
    - Bug fixes and Enhancements
    - Mission Files
    - ATC and AI traffic
  • Release 3 (Milestone Release)
    - Multiplayer enabled
    - Training Mode (Instructor Pilot audio and training missions)
    - Bug fixes and Enhancements
    - Additional "NTC" desert map
    - Radio stack, battlefield "modem" and TSD upgrade
  • Release 4 (Now We're Cooking Release)
    - Scramble (Dynamic mission type)
    - Bug fixes and Enhancements
    - Mission builder enhancement
    - New Map (tbd)
  • Release 5 and beyond (Are We There Yet Release)
    - Additional upgrades and new maps

Some of these items may get re-prioritized, items like AI traffic depend on availability of resources for coding and testing.

A new official website and forum will be launched early Feb and will be the defacto stop-off for solid information. This blog will remain for unofficial musings, ramblings. Eventually winding down.

Beyond "Gunnery"?

The engine we started with, Leadwerks 2.x has been discontinued, support is now limited. We don't anticipate creating a major follow up using this engine. We will however release our original North West Afghan map featuring armor in a hypothetical crisis situation under the banner "Combat Helo - Deployment" (or "Crisis" for want of a better title) and we will look at adding the COIN simulation as an update to this.

We have been evaluating new engine technology and found at least two that are both amazing in their own way and both totally suited to the larger theater scale we want to bring to Combat Helo. We'll jump those fences when we reach them.

If you have queries about any of this, post a comment below or send us a message on Facebook. We'll compile a Q&A sheet.


  1. Great and very interesting news. Thank You.

  2. I would like to back the project with a early wingnut release order, and I am willing to pay 100 USD for it. McDan out :-)

  3. Waiting anxiously for the buy button!

  4. Thanks for the info! Can't wait to be able to fly the Apache (and eventually the Chinook) in Combat-Helo!

  5. Hey, I had a great time reading your website. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back.



  6. Great news for so many of us that have been following for years :O)

  7. Can't wait...wheres the "buy" button already :D

  8. Good news! Im Waiting for support this project!!

  9. Great news! Just wandering if the system requirements are set out already? Even approximation would suffice - I want to know if I have to upgrade my PC for this.

    1. We'll publish specs on the new official site launching soon. Just as soon as I can find the back of an envelope to scribble them on. Basically if your PC was hot in 2009 I'm sure it will do fine now :) It's mostly GPU limited and if you have problems with that, there are some simple options to turn off post processing that go a long way to speed things up.

  10. This is great news. I'm really looking forward to the release. Once it's out, I'll dish out my savings and build myself a legit flight sim.

    I'm currently a rated ah-64D pilot so if you need any inputs on any of the systems (as long as it's not classified), just let me know. I'm sure you're working with the pilots but these aircraft are due to 13.2 upgrade soon which have a few changes I really like.

    Keep us updated and thanks for your hard work!